Ab Ovo (Latin: "from the beginning, the origin, the egg")

The name Ab Ovo alludes to a focus on storytelling - from the beginning to the end.

Everything has an origin or a beginning, whether it is a personal oral history, a corporate timeline, a new enterprise or a journey into the unknown.

This focus on the story itself results in projects and productions of the highest integrity and quality.

Ab Ovo started as Io Media in 1999, and is guided by Mike Hennessy - as Producer & Director. Mike has produced multiple websites, video productions, television commercials, documentaries, multimedia exhibitions and a music album.

Since 1999, projects have been completed for corporates and institutions across NZ and Australia, including Air New Zealand, Lion Breweries, Sky City, Hames Sharley, Wilson Harle, RNZFB, Auckland Museum and the Universities of Auckland and Otago.

In recent times a focus on cultural and historical storytelling has resulted in well received projects such as the Ko Tawa exhibition for the Auckland Museum (Multimedia Producer), the Te Whiri Music album (Exec. Producer), the MTS 6 part television series; Ko Tawa (Director & Editor), the Māori Maps website (Online Producer & Content Manager) & the Te Wehi Nui project and website (Online Producer, Interviewer & Content Manager).

A speciality in filmed oral history interviewing has also been developed over the years, resulting in the ability to conduct in depth filmed interviews, then edit and prepare content for archiving, broadcast, use in corporate video and of course as online video content. 


Have conducted interviews with the following:
- Sir Hugh Kawharu (academic / tribal leader)
- Professor Pou Temara (academic / tribal leader)
- Dr Ranginui Walker (academic / tribal leader)
- Sir Bob Harvey (politician / author)
- Don Stafford (historian)
- Sir Richard Bolt (armed services)
- Sir Tumu Te Heuheu (tribal leader)
- Merimeri Penfold (academic)
- Bee Dawson (author)
- Huhana Mihinui (tribal leader)
- Tariana Turia (politican)
- Ron Crosby (author)
- Hekenukumai Busby (celestial navigator - polynesia)
- Nau Epiha (tribal leader)
- Tamati Kruger (tribal leader)
- Professor Paul Tapsell (academic / author)
- Assc. Prof. Merata Kawharu (academic / author)
- Joe Cooper (tribal leader)
- Penny Hulse (Deputy Mayor Auckland City)
- Dr Rodney Wilson (museum director)
- Dr Patu Hohepa (academic / tribal leader)
- John Sutherland (architect)
- John Edgar (artist)
- Graeme Murdoch (historian)
- Pat Snedden (lawyer / community leader)
- Haahi Walker (tribal leader)
- Rev. Wihapi Winiata (tribal leader)
... and many more.