Mike Hennessy
Digital Producer. Director. Oral Historian. Writer. Communications & Media Advisor.

Mike has more than 20 years experience in the media, creative and business industries as a digital media and content manager, producer, director, researcher, writer and project manager.

He started in 1993 working with Polygram Films International in London, as a researcher, before returning to New Zealand in 1995 to work on television documentaries in Auckland. In 1997 he was employed as a production manager and then managing producer for a leading multimedia agency, completing large scale media and internet projects for blue-chip corporates such as BMW and Sony over the following 2 years.

In 1999 Mike launched his own studio and since then has managed multimedia productions for companies in NZ, Australia and internationally. From web and video, to multimedia, exhibition, television and music projects - his expertise lies in all aspects of digital production and project management for both traditional and digital projects, as well as media and content management and communications. He has also fulfilled contracts for Auckland Council as an Oral Historian, and as a Communications and Media Advisor at the University of Auckland.

Mike specialises in digital production, social media and content management, corporate communications, oral history filming and interviewing, as well as video, media and content generation and production for digital and online projects. Ab Ovo was launched in 2013, as an expression of this multimedia storytelling, culture and heritage focus.

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MCPA (Masters) - Documentary (2005)
Department of Film, Television, Media Studies
University of Auckland

BSc (Bachelors) - Zoology (1991)
School of Biological Sciences
University of Auckland